Devin Edward Towerwood has arrived.

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Devin Edward Towerwood has arrived.

Post  Devin on Wed Sep 17, 2008 6:23 pm

Name:Devin Edward Towerwood
Good Vampire:Yes
Bad vampire:No
Humen (humans have no ability):No
Vampire ability (such as mind reading, Strength, Speed, future sight) :Mind reading, Edward Style.
Story (Tell your story.):When I was seventeen, living in Alaska with my family, a serial killer broke loose. I was in highschool at that point a junior in 1959; valedictorian. One day, when I arrived back home, I found my sister, Samantha, dead. I checked my parent's room, I found them dead too. I called the police, but as I was calling, something grabbed me by the throat. After that, my whole life changed. I became a vampire, and for the first 6 years, I also hunted the state of Alaska. I eventually found that animals could help me quench my thirst, and I became a "vegetarian." From that day on, I've sticked to forests and hunted, posing as a highschool student in each place I move to.

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