Rules and Such.

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Rules and Such.

Post  AliceXCullen on Fri Apr 17, 2009 9:01 pm

So, as I'm sure you've now noticed, a new section has been added to the board for journals.

Everyone can make their own thread if they wish to post journal entries, songs, poems, pictures, anything they want in it, and others can read and comment on them if they wish.

The rules:

1. Only one thread per person. Title it what you wish and keep all of your entries there.

2. Nothing vulgar or inappropriate. Be respectful of other people.

3. Once again, be respectful of other people. Do not bash what anyone else writes or make fun of them. Some of this stuff may or may not be personal. Please don't be ignorant of the person who wrote it.

I'm pretty sure that's all that needs to be said, but edits may come later.


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