Hey it's shorty

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Hey it's shorty

Post  !Dropdead georgous! on Mon Jul 06, 2009 9:26 pm

Well i have many nicknames. -Kitten,Alice,Bella,Peanut butter, Miss lil cutie pie,Dark Princess,Dropdead Gorgeous,shorty, and cutie.If you don't like me then just get off my case. I love music it's my life. I love to sing Just like my sister Sarah. If you lie to me then i hate you. If i say i love you i mean it if i say i hate you i mean it. Don't lable me. I hate that and i'll beat your face in. Mess with my friends and i'll mess your face up girl or guy.(Jess,Ann And Scooter) Mess with them you will have to go thru me. So don 't mess with them. I WILL mess you up. I walk the halls Of Lfms. 8-4-95 Is my Dayy! I can be very random. I'm Bipolar. If you don't like it im sorry. (:[strike]
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