It's Remington Cullen, back from the dead...

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It's Remington Cullen, back from the dead...

Post  Ramza_BloodMoon on Fri Nov 08, 2013 8:13 pm

Wow...i can;t believe i found these old pages again...

It is amazing to go back through all of our old tales and fun topics that we did. Jeez...5 years. Has it really been that long?

I miss coming on here and hanging out and talking with everyone. It was very enjoyable.

It seems like the boards are dead...not even sure why i wanted to make a new account; not sure anyone would even read this.

I wanted to thank you all for letting me join you in all our adventures we had while on Twilighters. I will hover on these pages for a few months and see if we can't revive these old pages and get the 'old gang' back together, and introduce some new faces into this area. And, if not, it was a nice reminisce for me...

-Ramza (AKA Remington Cullen)


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