Alisia Dandridge

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Alisia Dandridge

Post  AliceXCullen on Thu Sep 18, 2008 4:09 pm

I've never done this before so I hope this is right lol.

Name: Alisia (Alise) Marie Dandridge
Age: 18
Good Vampire: Yes
Bad vampire: No
Werewolf: Nope
Human (humans have no ability): No
Vampire ability (such as mind reading, Strength, Speed, future sight): Controls elements
Story (Tell your story.): I grew up in Florida as an artist and author. When I turned eighteen, I moved to a little house by the beach. I heard stories of people disappearing but didn't pay any attention to them. One night I heard noises on the balcony and went to check it out. That's when he attacked. He bit me and I fell into the ocean, but when I woke up, I was on land and a vampire. I never saw people much anyway, so naturally I became a "vegetarian." I mostly stick to the forests, still avoiding people. I can control the elements; the sea, forests, and wind, and I've been wanting to experiment with different climates, so I moved to Forks Washington recently.

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