Since when do werewolves change?

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Jacob Black?

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Since when do werewolves change?

Post  Scarecrow Jacob on Thu Sep 18, 2008 7:29 pm

Okay, if those of you do not understand what I mean I am talking about Jacob's complete one-eighty from awesome fight for the girl you want werewolf to running away and avoiding Bella. I will alert you now I am about to spoil some of Breaking Dawn. If you haven't red it leave now.

Jacob went from wolf to puppy. Breaking Dawn (yes, I did like the book, but I did not like Jacob's part at all) ruined my image of Jacob Black. I love him, dear God I do, from book one to three, but I just don't understand what happened to him in Breaking Dawn. He doesn't even look at Bella or anything then all the sudden--bam! Renesemee is it. I don't like the quick switch from one to the other. I would have preferred him to love Bella forever. I know that it would make since for him to fall in love with Reneesmee, but it doesn't really fit him if you think about it. The entire time he is talking about hating vampires (for a good reason) and that they're killers and then all the sudden he falls in love with one. I mean, he didn't even like the Cullen's (except Dr, Cullen) & now he's in love with one? It doesn't fit.

I'm not bashing Jacob Black in any way. He is my fictional boyfriend, after all. What I love about Jacob is that he's such a teenage boy and he's sulking, but I liked the carefree, laugh and ride a motorcycle while the girl you love ran away from vampires but you don't care because you love her and you'd do anything just to see her Jacob! Whoo, that was a lot to say.

Okay, on a good note let's go back to Eclipse and remember some of the amazing moments we had, including but not limited to Jacob being half naked and him not having leeches on his speed dial. (No, I'm not a big vampire fan. In his own words, "Filthy blood suckers.")

Let's go back even further to when we first spot him in Twilight, the first. The fact that he was already chasing Bella shows that he is completely focused on a certain task. In Breaking Dawn, not so much. I'm disappointed in Book 2 of Breaking Dawn (Jacob) because he's so out of character, but I will always remember him from the first three books. Perfect man? Why, yes thank you.

I'm starting a topic/debate. If you don't agree with what I said then don't reply.

All in all I'm Team Jacob. None of those freaky Virgos here.
Scarecrow Jacob
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