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Re: Breaking Dawn

Post  XxRenesmeexxCarliexX on Sun Jun 14, 2009 8:23 am

^_^ yay =] and i think that she should make some spin offs.. that way nothing is rushed . like make Jake and Nessies version thing for the future... than make everything that happens with the Voulturi (i probably didnt spell that right lol..) and if there is another war... idk how she can even make spin offs after that book but i liked it.. =]

And i dont remember it saying anything about a male vampire not being able to make somebody pregnant. i dont think anybody had tried. (except for the father guy for that one dudes story. sorry i dont have a book handy right now) You have to remember that there werent many like the Cullens so even if the people did get pregnant than they would be killedc or changed way before anything could happen.. which means that the baby would have died along with them or the baby died because the vemon killed it or her body simply stopped giving it nutrients and she was no longer able to concieve a child


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