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Alexis Sornson

Post  edwards_baby31 on Sun Mar 22, 2009 6:50 pm

Name: Alexis Sornson
Age: 17
Good Vampire: no ( i'm not a vampire)
Bad vampire: no
Werewolf: no
Humen (humans have no ability): yes
Vampire ability (such as mind reading, Strength, Speed, future sight) :no vampire ability.
Story (Tell your story.): I had this friend who was always an outcast in school. nobody would become his friend except for me. anyways we were best buds. then, a couple of years later, we find ourselves strangly attracted to eachother. so we start dating. one day, he tells me that he is a vampire. He leaves me with the descion of whether i want to stay with him, or leave him. i couldn't believe that my boyfriend was a vampire. i thought about what descion i would make. of course i wouldn't leave my boyfriend. standing in front of me was the only person that i have ever loved. not only was he my boyfriend, but he was my best friend. there was no way that he would hurt me. he has warned me and told me that i should stay away from him. but i can't, and i wont. we ended up breaking up, not over the vampire issue, but because of my stupid human issues. he still has been my friend though.

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