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Remington Chastain (Cullen)

Post  Remington_Cullen on Thu Nov 06, 2008 9:43 pm

Name: Remington Chastain (Human)
Age: 17
Good Vampire: no (duh)
Bad vampire: no (2x duh)
Werewolf: no (do i have to give another duh?)
Humen (humans have no ability): yes
Vampire ability (such as mind reading, Strength, Speed, future sight) :
Story (Tell your story.): I lived in TN for most of my life. (I am leaving this brief) One day I met 2 people, a young girl named Crystal, and an older teenager named Jason. Jason taught me self defense, and about the world around me. Crystal became my best friend. One day I heard that Crystal was missing. I found out later that Jason killed her for unknown reasons, and that he was also aiming for me. So I ran, for many years I have been on the run, endlessly hunted by Jason. No one is willing to believe my story, so I run alone. I made his way to Seattle, where Jason cornered me. I thought he would kill me. But he told me he wanted to use me for experiment in his cult. He wanted me to become a "Creature of the Night". When I refused, he almost killed me. Then, I started to run south, through some woods, not knowing where my path will lead me...

Remington Cullen (Vampire)
Age: 17
Good Vampire: Yes
Bad Vampire: no
Werewolf: no
Human: no
Vampire ability's: Combat Readings, Energy Control, Slightly more advanced senses then normal vampire abilities(Speed, Strength, Smell, Hearing, Agility...etc...)
Story: This is me, after i have been bitten.

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