Twilight getting old....?

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Twilight getting old....?

Post  XxRenesmeexxCarliexX on Mon Jul 06, 2009 8:41 am

Im sorry... but once i read a bunch of other books out there that came out before
Twilight i realized that Twilight isnt that great of a series, and that there are plenty of books out there that are way better... so to me Twiight is getting old... and i am not gonna post in any of the Twilight posts in here. i'll stay with this website though, ill stay in the RPG and Random Discussion.. but honestly i think i am truly done with the whole Twilight thing... sorry you guys who are still in love with it, but its kinda overpublicized when its really not that great of a series, and they make too many people believe that there is like this other world where you will find your prince charming, but this is real life you guys.. so yeah. i really think i am done with Twilight..It is just getting old...


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